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Friday, September 01, 2006

I know i am nothing . I donot understand life properly so i have no right to give tips to other peoples ... so i am just going to explain my views about how we can make our and other peoples life better .. you can read and implement same in your life if you want or you can simply ignore this blog . Here are the Few tips which i think can make this earth heaven or atleast reduce sorrow and sufferings of this earth at some extent .

  • Donation : Give for noble cause. Everyone should donate some percentage of his/her earnings . Lets say if you donate just .5% . It means if you earn $100000 a year atleast donate $500 . It will not really impact your budget . But imaging if millions of peoples started giving $500 for noble cause the money will be huge to fight with hunger/poverty and diseases.... You can simply approach some local communities to pay or reserch some social organisations on internet and pay them money to do noble cause .. However do some research about organisation you are going to pay before charity .

"Advantage , Donation will not directy impact your life or it will not directly give you any benefit . but i strongly recommend everyone should do charity because we are humans and its our social responsibility to help others ... Also if we donate , it will help lot of needy and poor peoples .So it may significantly lower the crime on this earth which will direcly benefit you .. and the money spend on education ,health of poor peoples will directly improve financial condition of your country .. So if everyone spends some percentage of her/his earning in charity he /she is going to get it back in form of better GDP (better economy with lot of healthy peoples)of the country and in form of better and peaceful life "

Faithful: We should remain faithful to our Husband/wife . if we remain faithful to our husband/wife we can save ourself from various diseases.

Clean Earth: We should plant trees etc as they give us fresh air . We should avoid using our cars if we have to go near .. We should try to use bicycle or public transportaion . Because it causes pollution which causes various diseases .We should try to use natural energy sources .

Anger:We should always try to be nice , because anger cause various diseases and is one of the major cause of crime . We should try to resolve issues /seattle issues rather extending them .

Smoking/Drinking Alcohol:I recommend not to smoke or drink alcoholic products like wine etc .Smoking is one of the major cause of mouth cancer . So why to take risk ? its just myth that smoking reduce depression but its not true at all . Imagine money you are spending on smoking can be used for some other great things . Also you lower risk of asthama /cancer if you donot smoke ? so are you going to loose huge money and also having risk of asthama/cancer just because of one myth that smoking reduces depression which is completely untrue . Somthing similar is with drinking alcoholic products .they cause digestion problems /diabities ? so why to burn money in smoking/drinking alocoholic products .



I have seen lot of pain on this earth . i have seen little kids working in tea shops instead of going schools . I have seen lot of poor peoples died due to lack of health care . And i really feel shame by calling this earth a heaven . I donot know why God made so much Sorrow/Pain on this earth .I donot know why Men are killing other Men in war /Crime.I am not god i cannot eliminate poverty /diseases. But one thing i would like to assure you is that if you did nothing to lower this pain/Sorrow on this earth then you will have noone to save you from this sorrow/pain when it will grab you .I am sure if everyone on this earth follows teaching of this blog we will be able to minimize Suffering and pain from this earth at large extent .But i need your help for it So please try to do it :------------->

I Sincerely Request everyone to do Following:

  • Try to implement this blog teaching's in your life
  • Do you know any way using which we can reduce sufferings of human being if yes please post this way as Comment .
  • Spread words , let your Friends know about this blog or Add link of this blog in your blog/website etc .

Thanks for your precious Time

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